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Allergies and Lash Extensions, oh my!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

With Spring approaching it’s that time of year again Dun Dun Dunn…allergy season!

And with that comes itchy and watery eyes.

Allergies are already a nightmare, but what do they mean for your lash artist?

Well, allergies can lead to not only possible retention problems but increase the risk of allergic reactions.

As lash artists we know that picking and rubbing your extensions not only effects your extensions but also your natural lashes, and when your suffering from allergies your eyes can become extremely itchy.

In addition clients can also experience eye dryness, which has to be soothed with eye drops. Clients can also suffer from watery eyes which is horrible for lash extensions and their retention. But never fear, we are hear to help. Clients can still have fabulous lashes while experiencing allergies!

Tips and tricks for better retention during allergy season!


It is strongly encouraged that clients take their seasonal antihistamines before each lash appointment and during the duration of their allergies. This will help safeguard against any future allergies or irritation during the span of their symptoms.

Be mindful with eye drops.

Administrating eye drops immediately after an extension application can interfere with the bonding agent. The excessive moisture from the eye drops doesn’t allow the glue to dry properly.

You also want to avoid getting the glue in your eyes, as it is not fully dry. If you put in eye drops too soon, you run the risk of getting the glue in your eyes. Clients should carefully put the eye drops directly in the eyes 4-6 hours after their appointment.

Watery eyes oh my!

With seasonal allergies can come excessive eye watering. While your lash professional may use a fine mist at the end of your appointment to cure the adhesive, too much excessive water will not allow the adhesive to dry properly. Clients should be made aware to not wipe their tears away with anything that can snag the lashes and cause them to fall out. Cotton is a no no! Materials like microfiber or silk are great to use.

When symptoms just won’t quite.

If clients are still experiencing itchy eyes have them use a cold, dampened, compress made of microfiber or silk. As well as oil-free soothing creams around the eyes.

Should I get a Sample Test?

Even if your client hasn’t had a previous allergic reaction but is experiencing seasonal allergies, it can be a good idea to do a sample test. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Place a few lashes before applying a full set. Allergies can be easily triggered. If the client experiences any type of redness, itchiness or puffiness they may need to take a break or possible forgo extensions all together. Have them consult a physician to get to the bottom of their allergies before continuing with extensions.

Remember, the eyes are extremely sensitive as it is and are more susceptible at this time to irritation. Worst case scenario is a client may need to take a break until their symptoms subside. It’s better to be on the side of caution for both the stylist and client. While the client may not be happy to delay their next fill or full set, it’s best to be safe.

Other options that can help during this time are washing your extensions more frequently, keeping your lashes hydrated with a serum, having your stylist use less tape, using little to no makeup, and asking questions before your appointment. Honestly is key for both parties!

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