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"The 101 on Fall Shed"

As we enter the Fall season, clients may begin expressing dissatisfaction about their lashes falling out faster than they normally do. That means the Fall Lash Shedding Season is underway. It's important that clients are educated on what to expect during Fall Shed and the things stylists and clients both can do to lessen the effects.

Here are some tips to get you through the season!

Growth phases of Hair

Initial Growth Phase

This is the phase when the lash growth starts in the skin. You can barely see this stage of lash growth. Lashes in this stage are thin and weak. Attaching lash extensions must be avoided on lashes during this phase.


In the anagen phase the hair is rooted to the follicle and it receives nutrients from your blood which promotes healthy growth. Lashes in this stage show strength and resilience. You can add lash extensions during this phase, however lashes are still growing and can result in an uneven result.


In the catagen phase the hair is no longer growing. Lashes have fully grown out and are at the optimum phase for lash extensions!


The last 100 days of the cycle, the hair is in the telogen or resting stage. The hair is detached and ready to shed. On average you will lose up to 3-5 lashes per day. This is normal lash shedding. Once the hair sheds, the cycle begins again.

Why does Fall shed happen?

The truth is, no one really knows. Fall season, specifically September-October clients experience the most fall out. Dermatologists confirm hair shedding is very real, especially in the fall and winter. This is known as seasonal shedding, and it's the talk of the lash studio, however not the most favorable!

Research shows that certain things in the Summer months lead to fall out in the Fall.

During the summer intense heat triggers the resting stage and suppresses growth. Also sweat and dirt can collect on the lash line blocking the pores and suppressing growth. This all means the hair will begin falling out over the next two months.

Clients may state, "I've never had this much fall out before getting lash extensions, what's going on?”

Well, that's because the natural lash fall out happens in a cycle. We never truly notice the fall out with natural lashes, even though it's happening all the time. However when we have fluffy, long, gorgeous and not to mention expensive lash extensions we notice when they fall out!

What to do about Fall shed…

It is important for lash studios encourage proper aftercare. The cleaner your lashes, the longer they will last! Whether a client wears makeup or not, it's important to clean your lashes daily. We recommend clients investing in a lash serum and lash bath. Serums are filled with vitamins and peptides that hydrate the area needed. It will also help keep lashes that are ready to fall off, on a bit longer.

If you are experiencing fallout, it might be best to switch your mega volume to a volume set. Too many lash extensions on natural lashes that aren't strong enough can lead to fall out. Be sure to schedule refills every 2-3 weeks. Also make sure to go to a studio that disinfects regularly and uses clean and disposable lash tools, like we do here at Angelic Lashes by Tiffany! This will all help with retention.

And remember your lash studio and artist are there to answer all your questions and come up with the best solutions and advice!

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