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What is Angelic LED™ extension?

Angelic LED™ extension is a technology that cures by irradiating a specialized gel glue with a professional LED™ lash light.

 This procedure is sustainable and has a longevity of 1.5-2 months. 


THIS SYSTEM was developed by scientists and engineers using LED light technology.
This is a revolution in the field of eyelash extensions, where LED visible light is needed to harden the glue.

Q & A

How long do LED extensions last?

Depending on the condition of your own eyelashes and the method of aftercare, it will last for about 1.5 to 2 months.

How long should clients wait between visits?

Although there are individual differences, LED extensions will last for about a month while maintaining beautiful hair flow. The hair cycle of natural eyelashes happens in 3 phases: the anagen phase (active growth), the catagen phases (transition), and the telogen phase (regression period) which lasts for 3 to 4 months. The growing season is about one month. Extensions can be removed at the same time as the natural growth cycle.

How long should I wait after wearing the LED extensions before I can shower?

It will be completely cured in 2 seconds of irradiation, so you can shower, use the sauna, etc. immediately after the treatment.

Can I do hot yoga/workout, or go to the pool?

It will be completely cured in 2 seconds of irradiation, so you can enjoy your pool day immediately after the treatment. In addition, it is highly resistant to sweat, making it popular for those who are workout fanatics!

How should I cleanse and wash my face?

Just like traditional eyelash extensions, gentle cleansing and washing will make the extensions last longer (oil cleansing is now acceptable). Also, when using towels to pat dry, please be careful not to get lashes caught or adhere to fibers.

Is the gel adhesive safe for your eyes?

The adhesive glue used meets safety standards, but in rare cases such as when you are unwell or have a weakened immune system, allergic reactions may occur. In that case, we will have to refuse the application, so please be forewarned. In addition, since the treatment is performed with your eyes closed, you will not be able to look directly at the light.  The technician will apply a special protective tape to your eyelids to perform the treatment.

Will LED extensions damage my eyelashes?

After application, the finish is flexible, soft and super lightweight, so you won't feel any burden on your own eyelashes. However, please be careful not to pull at the extensions forcefully or use an eyelash curler as it will cause strain to your own eyelashes.

I have very few natural eyelashes, is it possible to attach LED extensions?

LED extensions can be attached to a larger number of eyelashes than usual, even for those who have few eyelashes can receive the procedure. 

Gel nails can feel hot and painful when they harden. Will there be any heat or pain during the procedure?

You may feel a little warmth during the irradiation, but please be assured that you will not feel any heat or pain.

I have an allergic reaction such as itchiness to regular adhesives, can I still receive LED extensions?

The LED extension glue contains ingredients that may cause allergic reactions, just like regular adhesives, but it is a technology that can minimize the fumes that can lead to an allergic reaction due to its 2 second curing time. However, there are individual differences in allergic reactions, so if you are unsure, please consider a patch test.

I have a sun allergy/photosensitivity, can I still receive LED extensions?

The light used is an LED (visible light), not a UV (ultraviolet).  However, there are individual differences in allergic reactions, and it is not possible to predetermine if it will affect the individual.  If you are unsure, we recommend that you do a patch test.

Is the treatment time longer than conventional extensions?

Depending on the menu content and the number of extensions to be installed, the treatment time is shortened compared to conventional extensions. Please contact the salon directly for details as the treatment time varies depending on the salon.

Can I use LED extensions for volume lashes?

LED extensions are compatible with all single lashes, flat lashes and volume lashes.

I have an eyelash Lift. Can I have extensions?

You can use LED extensions even on the same day if you take care and post-treatment after the perm. For details, please contact the salon directly.

Can I receive LED extensions while pregnant or breastfeeding?

There is no particular issue for application, but during pregnancy and breastfeeding your body can change and you may become more sensitive than usual, so please consider a patch test if you are unsure. In addition, some salons may refuse, so please contact the salon directly for details.

I have an MRI/CT scan coming up, can I still receive LED extensions?

In consideration of the unlikely event, we recommend that you refrain from the extensions until after the scan and speak to your physician. 

Do not confuse the principle of LED and UV, because it has a different spectrum of light.

Reduced incidence of allergies

By using a specialized LED light and adhesive to completely cure the ingredients that are said to cause allergies

LED lighting does this in 2 seconds, minimizing the occurrence of allergies.

Even those who have previously suffered from adhesive allergies can now receive treatment comfortably with less stimulation than conventional extensions.

Any Question? 

Thanks for your interest! We will be in touch with you!

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