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Meet Our Team...




Tiffany, is the owner, master stylist, and a trainer at Angelic Lashes. She holds an active license in cosmetology. Tiffany started her lashing career in South Korea where she owned and operated a business providing eyelash and nail services. She continued her passion for lashing and founded Angelic Lashes in 2016. When Tiffany isn't lashing she loves to travel and have movie nights while enjoying a nice glass of wine!


Expertise in: Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume Lashes.  Keratin Lash lift. Brow Lamination.  Permanent Makeup.  



 Salon Manager/ Instructor

Brittany is the salon manager, marketing director and an instructor at Angelic Lashes. She joined our team in 2020. Brittany has over 8 years of management and marketing experience.  She is Classic and Volume eyelash extension certified and trained. Outside of work Brittany enjoys spending time with family, friends and her two dogs. 


sharon 2.jpg

Master Stylist

Sharon started off as a nail artist and eyelash stylist in New York. She has 7 years of experience doing lashes and moved to Virginia to grow her career in 2019. Sharon enjoys making her clients happy and having them leave satisfied with a fresh new pair of lashes. When she isn’t lashing, Sharon enjoys spending time with her friends and family. 


Expertise in: Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume Lashes.  Keratin Lash lift.. 


IMG_7513 2.jpg

Master Stylist

Tracy is a certified Esthetician with 𝟧 years of experience in the lash industry. Tracy came to Virginia in hopes of enhancing the natural beauty and confidence of clients in the NOVA area.  Tracy is very dedicated to her craft and finds joy in crafting lash sets that leave her clients feeling confident and beautiful. When she isn’t lashing, Tracy enjoys traveling abroad, fitness, and experiencing new cuisines with her family.

 Expertise in: Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume Lashes. Lash lift and tint.




Bebe has experience as both a nail artist and eyelash stylist and is a certified Esthetician.  She has a deep passion for lashing and is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction, and making clients feel beautiful.  When she isn't lashing, Bebe enjoys spending time with her friends and her growing fur babies. 

Expertise in: Classic, Hybrid, Volume and Mega Volume Lashes.  Keratin Lash lift.  




Krystal is a licensed cosmetologist, and earned her eyelash certification from Angelic Lashes by Tiffany in 2019.  Krystal has been lashing since 2019 and is fascinated with making beautiful lashes for her clients.  When she is not lashing, Krystal loves backing and playing golf.


Expertise in: 

Classic, Hybrid and Volume Lashes. Lash Lift , Brow Lamination


IMG_7345 2.jpg


Jasmine is a licensed esthetician, and has received her eyelash certification from Angelic Lashes in 2022. Her goal is to make clients feel confident and beautiful. When Jasmine isn’t lashing she enjoys baking, playing video games and spending time with her gentle giant fur baby.  Jasmine also enjoys collecting anything Sanrio related. 

Expertise in:

Classic, Hybrid Lashes. Anime lashes



Stylist, Lash Consultant

Esther is a licensed esthetician and has received her lashing certification from Angelic Lashes in early 2022. She has been obsessed ever since and finds joy in making genuine connections with her clients while accentuating their natural beauty with lashes. Esther's other passions include spending quality time with family and friends while exploring new places to eat.



Expertise in: Classic, Hybrid, Anime, and Lash lift.



Stylist, Wax Specialist

Payton is a licensed cosmetologist and has been in the beauty industry for 5 years. She loves building relationships with her clients and helping them feel their best! When she isn’t lashing she is building memories with family and friends and being a full time dog mommy. 


Expertise in: classic, hybrid, volume and mega volume lashes. Keratin lash lift. Brow lamination. Waxing specialist.




Nicole is our dedicated receptionist with over four years of customer service experience. She is a college student studying to obtain her nursing degree. Nicole is always eager learn new things, especially since she is fascinated with the lash and aesthetic industry. Outside of school and work, Nicole enjoys spending time with her two puppies and watching funny movies. 




Aascharya is our receptionist and has a little over a year of customer service experience. She is a college student hoping to attend law school after finishing her degree in Legal Studies. Outside of work, Aascharya enjoys learning new things, watching movies and spending time with her friends and family. 

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