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As we strive to provide the best experience for our clients, We are excited to announce that we have our very own app! 

With the Angelic Lashes by Tiffany app you can:
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KERATIN Lash  LIFT & Brow Lamination

Classic full set is when one eyelash is applied to one of your own natural lashes. This is also known as the 1:1 eyelash system. The lashes must be perfectly separated each time to last longer.

Volume lashes uses a fan technique to produce more volume and a richer look than the classic lashes that traditionally utilizes the one-to-one application procedure.

The perfect option for those wanting 

more thicker and voluminous eylashes. 

The Keratin lash Lift is an innovative lash perm that straightens lashes at the root, creating an aesthetically pleasing effect of lifted, longer, sultry lashes. This treatment provides rapid and more than satisfying results.  

Brow lamination is essentially a perm for your brows as it gives them a fuller, more even look.  The hairs are manipulated into a fluffy shape creating a fuller and more natural looking brow.  Its often paired with a brow tint to enhance the defining effect. Can add a eyebrow wax to any service  (offered by Tracy only).

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