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Before & After Care Instructions

Preparing for your Lash Appointment:
  • To maximize your time with your lash stylist, please remove all makeup in your eye area, including foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, eye creams, and eye serums. Makeup residue on your lashes can effect the longevity of the extensions and we will be cutting into your time because we are spending 10-20 minutes just removing the makeup.

  • Clean your lashes gently but thoroughly to remove any residual oils or mascara.

  • Shower and wash your hair.

  • If you are a contact lens wearer, wear your glasses to your appointment.

  • Do not curl your lashes the day of your appointment.

  • Do not apply heavy creams, lotions, or oils to your face in the 48 hours before your appointment.

  • Do not tint or perm your lashes in the 48 hours before your appointment.

  • Let us know if you have recently received any irritating cosmetic treatments (such as skin resurfacing procedures, chemical peels, eyebrow waxing, laser treatments, permanent makeup application, etc.) in your eye area.

  • Consult your doctor before your appointment if you are pregnant, are taking medication, suffer from any medical conditions or allergies, or are recovering from any medical procedure.


After Care: Now that you have Sinfully Angelic lashes take note of these tips to maintain them. With proper care and fills your eyelashes can last indefinitely.

  • Do not get your eyelashes wet for at least 4-6 hours , recommend 24 hours so the glue can properly bond.

  • Do not use a spa, sauna or pool for the first 24 hours. The extensions need that amount of time to properly bond.

  • Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyes, avoid touching the lashes with your fingers as your hands have dirt & oil.

  • Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions. With proper application you will not need them.

  • Brush every day!  If your eyelashes are tangled or crossed over, use the Spoolie given to you at the end of your appointment to gently brush them straight and put them in place. 

  • After showering avoid rubbing lashes, it best to blot them with a cotton pad and let them air dry.

  • You can also dry the lashes by using a hair dryer on the cool setting and blowing them dry from the bottom up. It makes them curlier and fluffy.

  • Use care when applying facial and eye creams to avoid the lash line. Too many oil-based products can break down the adhesive.

  • Angelic Lashes recommends touch-up appointments every two to four weeks to maintain your new eyelash extensions.

  • Avoid using oil based makeup remover as it can loosen the bonding in the glue.

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