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With the growing volume of customers, Angelic has made it a priority to continue offering its exceptional services in the most efficient manner. To facilitate this, the scheduling process has become a major factor in maintaining the integrity of our brand. All of our guests are extremely valued here at Angelic Lashes. Please keep this in mind when scheduling and canceling so that other interested guests can have an opportunity to receive our services. New policies will help protect you, the business, and help keep our prices fair. Thank you for understanding! In order to schedule an appointment, your credit card info will be required. All NEW Clients are required to make an advanced payment at time of booking. All existing Clients with prior no shows/late notice cancellations will also require advanced payment to reserve an appointment. Your privacy and safety are always protected. However, your card will be charged if the cancellation/late policy is violated. 

 We reserve the right to not schedule future appointments to any customer who has not adhered to our cancellation policy.


 Cancellation/Late Policy

 We value your time, please reciprocate the same. Please give at least 24 hour notice. You may cancel through your confirmation/reminder email or text message. If you prefer via telephone, a voicemail is required if we cannot answer the phone. When you make your appointment and provide us with your credit card details, you are agreeing to adhere to our policies.

  • No call/No shows will be charged the full (100%) amount of the scheduled service.

  • Canceling less than 24 hours in advance will result in a charge of 50% of the scheduled service.

  • Please be aware in the unfortunate event that you are very late, your services may be altered to fit the remaining time. If this happens you will still be responsible for the full amount of services you booked.  

  • If you plan to arrive more than 10 minutes later than your scheduled appointment time, please let us know.  If more than 15mins, you have to reschedule.

  • Same day appointments are not guaranteed. If you book an appointment on the same day as it is scheduled, please call to confirm appt. availability.

  • If you schedule an appointment the day before and you cancel the next day the cancellation policy is still in effect and we will charge out 50% of your total visit fee. No Exceptions. 



Wait List 

 At Angelic Lashes, our goal is to ensure that all guests on our Waiting List have an opportunity to receive our services. Once an appointment becomes available, we will contact you using three (3) communication methods. If we receive NO RESPONSE WITHIN 12 HOURS, we must contact the next client. If we receive NO RESPONSE WITHIN 24 HOURS, UNFORTUNATELY WE WILL HAVE TO REMOVE YOU FROM OUR WAITING LIST. To avoid this, please respond in a timely manner so that we can efficiently schedule you for an appointment. If you are interested in being added to our waiting list, please create a client profile. If you have an existing profile, please schedule an appointment. Choose the first available day/time that fits your schedule. This will ensure you get an appointment with our stylist. Once an opening occurs, we will contact you using one of three (3) methods: Phone, Text or Email.             


Other Policies

  • We love them too, but children will not be permitted in the studio. At this time all clients must come alone and no one is allowed in the waiting area.

  • We will not do work on top of fills and full sets from outside our Angelic Lash Salon, if you currently have a foreign fill or set that was not done here you must get a removal done and we will require you to get a new set. Please make sure you book the removal as well when you are booking online or over the phone, as we need 20-30 extra minutes to perform a removal. If you book an appointment for only a full set or fill and you come in with lashes on from another salon we cannot guarantee we will have enough time to do the full service and you will be expected to pay the full-service rate that was scheduled.

  • NEW!! ) We are now accepting clients with lashes done other studios. The offer is limited to classic and classic+volume hybrid mix. To qualify, there must be at least 40% of extensions remaining. Anything below 30% will incur additional charges. 

  • If your desired appointment is not available online, please call and leave a voicemail, send a text or email with your contact info, desired service, and date/time request. You will be contacted once an appointment becomes available. 703-577-6277

  • If you need help finding our location, please contact us for directions at 703-577-6277

  • Due to a high number of clients canceling or not showing up we will only allow clients to book 2 months out in advance, If you have a special event that you need to schedule for ahead of time please call or email us

  • Out of respect for your lash artist and other clients, please put your phones and other technology on silent or vibrate.  Listening to music on your ear pods, is totally acceptable. 

  • We understand not everyone will have healthy strong lashes to retain the lash extensions for weeks on end. Lash extensions are not permanent and can fall out as your natural lashes go through a growth cycle. Many other things can factor into lashes falling out quicker such as.. weather(humidity/sweating), Hormones, Certain Medical Conditions, not brushing, over brushing (in this case 4-6 hours after your appointment), not cleaning the lashes at least every other day, using your fingers to pick or touch them, using oil based products on your eyes, saunas or spas, not using the proper lash cleanser, wind blowing in your face, the state and quality of your natural lashes, sleeping on your side or on your face, going to the beach and NOT properly caring for them after can also effect this. If you have sparse, weak and or lashes that lay down this can effect the longevity of the extensions.

  • Please note we work with the natural lashes the client has, if your lashes are sparse, weak and or brittle we cannot guarantee your lashes will stay on for weeks and weeks.

  • We are aware that clients spend good money on their lashes and expect them to look a certain way for a good amount of time and we will do everything we can to let you know how the lashes will look and provide a care guide, but 50% of lash extension retention is customer care.. without the proper care no matter the glue/lash brand or the technicians skills they will not last!

  • We offer a 3 day(business) grace period if for any reason you are not satisfied with your service, we ask you please notify us within 3 days of you getting the service done. Email or call us if this happens so we can bring you in as soon as we can to rectify the situation, if you contact us after the 3 day grace period we will have to charge the visit as a mini fill and the price will be according to what set you initially got.