Master Stylist Tiffany

Our Master Stylist Tiffany has over 14+ years experience in the Lash Industry and began her career in South Korea. With Extensive knowledge and training with many different eye shapes(mono-lid, hooded eyes, drooping eyes etc.) she is a master in her craft and has perfected a lashing technique that allows her to give amazing results in almost half the time as most of the competition in this area! That goes with saying we never- ever use or allow clusters in our salon, every lash is individually glued onto a single natural lash and every fan is made on the spot and glued individually. Her work is impeccable and the reviews on Yelp/Google show that!

Our Instructors are Licensed Aesthetician and Licensed Cosmetologist ~ Both Instructors are 4x Certified in Classic/Volume/Mega Volume. Both our Instructors are happy to share their techniques and knowledge, and show you how you too can succeed in this multi billion dollar business! Are you ready to have control on how much income you want to make? Are you ready to control the hours you work? Are you ready to be a #LashBoss? Sign up today!

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Intro covers everything you need to get started- basics of lashing (classic) , different techniques, natural lash safety, lash weight calculation, proper eye preparation for application, lash layering, bonding rules, eye shape correction, after care, & practice on model (you can bring your own if you want, if not, we will provide you with a model.)This class is focused on basic lash extensions applications. Practicing daily at home on a daily basis will help improve your skills faster. To become a master in lash application, one should be meticulous and patient with an eye for detail. This is a 1 day course (5-6 hours), Included is a refresher course 3 months after and at that time it will be a 1:1 private class where we will evaluate and go over what you have practiced in that 3 month period and see what can be improved. 


  • Certification Upon Passing of the Final Exam

  • Lifetime Discounts on Lash Products purchased from Angelic Lashes

  • Free 3 Month refresher for students Reg $800 (1:1 Private class)

  • Starter Kit (Valued at $500)


  • Safety & Sanitation

  • Eye Anatomy

  • Eyelash Growth Cycle 

  • Allergens vs irritants

  • Common Irritations

  • Common Infections

  • Setting Up 

  • Identifying and handling stressed lashes

  • Product Knowledge 

  • EyeLash Extension Adhesives

  • Eyelash Extension Types : Curls, Lengths, Thickness

  • Eye Shapes 

  • Taping Techniques 

  • Client Consultation 

  • Eyelash Extension Selection 

  • Basic Skills (How to hold tweezers)

  • Isolation & Separation 

  • Applying Lash Extensions 

  • Correcting Lash Extensions

  • Removing Lash Extensions

  • Lash Fill Techniques 

  • Inventory Control

  • Aftercare, cleansing & client expectations


Cancellation Policy for Lash Extension Class : $300 deposit ,which goes towards the total cost is due at time of registration the rest of the payment is due the day before classes start.  If you cannot attend the course you enrolled in, the following cancellation policy is followed: Prior to two weeks before your course, you may opt for refund of your deposit or transfer your enrollment to the next scheduled course.  Within two weeks of course, Deposit is non-refundable.  Cut-off for registration is two weeks before course.

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Private Basic of Lashing Class  

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Angelic Lashes by Tiffany is the perfect opportunity to jump start your career in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. With expert guidance, a fully-equipped facility, flexible hours, and great wages, a promising career is inevitable. Not only will Angelic Lashes by Tiffany boost your exposure through our presence on social media, but we will also offer necessary equipment and supplies at exclusive wholesale pricing to graduates. We also offer complimentary small refreshments to your respective clients.